Who We Are

Japanese symbols translator and designer


My name is Yori.

I'm a designer and professional translator who used to study abroad in Vancouver Canada for several years. When I was in Vancouver, I helped a lot of my friends translating English characters into accurate Japanese symbols.

I'll translate English into accurate Japanese,also create beautiful images of Japanese Symbols,introducing the beauty of the shape, stroke order and history in each character for your needs such as Kanji tattoo,logo,magazine and web graphic design.

My heart and passion is here in this service and I really look forward to the challenge of making Tokyo Moji Garden one of the most helpful and creative Japanese symbols translation in the world.



Hello everyone!

I'm a professional translator who used to study abroad in Vancouver Canada.I've travelled more than 40 countries in the past to discover what's going on in the world.

During my travell,I've seen some people mistakenly end up using the wrong Kanji symbols on their T-shirts or tattoo. Because Many kanji characters are similar to each other, and some can have different meanings depending on context. I want to help those people with accurate Japanese symbols translation.

If you have any questions or something, Please feel free to contact us.


Who we are

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