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Our service

100% Accurate Japanese symbols translation for unique and personalized kanji tattoo & graphic design from Tokyo

- by professional Japanese translators and designers.

 1:  You can choose a Japanese symbol translation from Kanji, Name, Phrase, Hiragana and Katakana.

5 words kanji translation
5 words kanji translation

We will translate up to 3 individual words. A maximum of 3 words (e.g. "Love", "Piece", "Happiness")
Kanji words are used unique Kanji tattoo design, logo, jewelry, t-shirt, magazine ,graphic design and so on.
You will receive 2 SPECIAL BONUSES if you order 3 words kanji translation.

1 phrase kanji translation
1 phrase kanji translation

We will translate up to a complete phrase(e.g. "Stay hungy, Stay foolish"), which are often used messageable Kanji tattoo.
You will receive your Japanese kanji symbols designed with 3 different Calligraphy styles and stencil outline.
You will receive 2 SPECIAL BONUSES if you order 1 phrase kanji translation.

Japanese name translation
Japanese name translation

A lot of Western people prefer to have their names in Kanji. In fact, there are so many western people have their name
in Kanji, especially those who live in Japan. Please taka a look at a list of popular Japanese names.
You will receive 2 SPECIAL BONUSES if you order Japanese name translation.

Katakana translation
Katakana translation

We'll translate upto maximum of 3 words (e.g. "Love", "Piece", "Happiness"). Katakana has been very popular for
Western people especially for those who are learning Karate, Judo and Martial arts. Japanese fashion brand UNIQLO
uses Katakana typograhy for CI (Corporate Identity)

Hiragana translation
Hiragana Translation

We'll translate upto maximum of 3 words (e.g. "Love", "Piece", "Happiness"). Hiragana is more rounded and circular
symbols and often used to write the grammatical parts of sentences in which the allocation of Kanji is not appropriate.

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 2:  100% accurate translation to japanese symbols by japanese professionals.

First of all, We know that a lot of people mistakenly end up using the WRONG japanese symbols. There are some reasons we can come up with:

- There are many different ways to write Japanese Kanji symbols, depends on your meaning.
- Two different Japanese words may sound alike, but have totally different japanese symbols.
- Kanji symbols are often written in the incorrect position
- non japanese native speakers translate words into Japanese.

Our service is for those who want to prevent from tattoing or using WRONG japanese symbols. we are native speakers of Japanese and fluent speaker and writter of English.We have professional experiences in the field of Japanese translation and typrography design which allow us to provide you with high-quality translation and design service.

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 3:  You can choose a font out of 50 most used fonts by professional Japanese designers for your desired design.

Japanese Kanji fonts

We think that those who want to have Japanese symbols must be looking for professional Japanese
fonts for tattoo or design products. There are so many japanese kanji translation service in the world.
but none of their fonts are of any professional.There are some reasons we can come up with:

- They use free Japanese fonts,which are not standard (Because they don't have professional fonts)
- They don't have much knowledge of Japanese (Because they are not native speaker of Japanese)

None of you want to tattoo on your body with free japanese font don't you? Users want to have choices
at least when it comes to tattooing. and we can sometimes give users a piece of advice on which typefaces
is really useful or how to choose your font from the list of hundred fonts.

The fonts are one of the most important parts of every project. We pick up the most used fonts by
professinal designers in the field of advertising ,web and publishing at Tokyo Japan.so that you might
show off your tattoo or design products to your firends!

As you probably already know, Western fonts (which are based on the Roman alphabet) mostly fall into
two categories: serif fonts like Times New Roman, and sans-serif fonts like Arial.
The corresponding categories of Japanese fonts are called Mincho and Gothic.......

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 4:  100% authentic Japanese symbols design by professional designers.

Japanese typography

Suppose you get 100% accurate japanese symbols and suitable font, then next concern should be how to
create beautiful typography on Japanese symbols.

Typography is the art and technique of arranging type in order to make language visible.
The arrangement of type involves the selection of typefaces, point size, line length, leading (line spacing),
adjusting the spaces between groups of letters (tracking) and adjusting the space between pairs of letters (kerning).

ou might not be interested in such small details.but think differently, if you were with your tattoo rest of your life,
would you really prefer to tattoo with phony Japanese typography on your body? Except for Tokyo Moji Garden,
No other service provides authentic Japanese typography which requires high-skill through experience.
The following is a old proverb in Japan:

"God is in the details"

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 5:  You will get a calligraphy and stencil outline style with various color and size.

We will create your kanji symbols into a unique, beautiful and cool tattoo design, using a variety of calligraphic styles. We will also provide stencil outline.

NOTE: For those who plan to use kanji for tattoo design

Your tattoo artist will use stencil outline to trace the artwork onto your body. Because of the size and crispness of the characters. Some tattoo artists may charge you $30 or more to do this unless they have stencil outline to work with.

Japanese Calligraphy fonts

Japanese Stencil outline fonts

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 6:  You will get your design in horizontal and vertical position with 3 formats (JPG, GIF, Transparent PNG).

Japanese symbols translation is complicated nowadays due to differences between traditional and modern Japanese. Traditional Japanese is written in vertical columns and is read from top to bottom, and left to right. Modern Japanese format, though, is read horizontally from left to right. The traditional top-to-bottom and right-to-left tategaki style is still widely used, especially in novels and newspapers. When writing in this way, it is important to adjust the positioning of punctuation marks, ruby characters, etc.

Vertically and horizontally created images

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 7:  Correct stroke order , pronunciation and meanings

 8:  You can get your accurate Japanese symbols within 24 hours.

In case you are dissatisfied with your Japanese translation, please return it within 7 days for prompt money-back,100% refund, or "we will re-create your japanese symbols for you free of charge."

To claim a refund, please send us an email by contacting us.

7-day, money-back,100% satisfaction guaranteed, You can get
 your accurate Japanese symbols within 24 hours.

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