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Japanese katakana translation & design

 About Japanese Katakana translation for Katakana tattoo & design

Japanese Katakana images

We will translate up to 5 individual words (e.g. "Samurai", "Life", "Love", "Beatuiful","Piece"). You can choose 5 fonts,image size and colors for each words. Please take a look at the example below to see how this is done.

Japanese Katakana translation & design

Fonts Gallery

We provide MORISAWA,the most used 50 fonts by professinal Japanese designers for creating images.
You can choose 3 Japanese Katakana calligraphy and stencil fonts on each words

Japanese Katakana fonts


  • -you can select each color.
  • -you can choose each image size.

You will recieve

  • -horizontally and vertically created images (gif, jpg, transparent png) in each word.
  • -calligraphy style and stencil outline in each word.
  • -collect stroke order, pronounciation and meaning in each word.

Japanese Katakana symbol : Samurai

Japanese Katakana symbol : Life

Japanese Katakana symbol : Love


Sexy Tattoo, Unique Logo, Magazine, Web design, T-shirts


Japanese Katakana symbols will be sent to your email within 24 hours of confirmed payment.

How long does it take


How to Order

1 Fill in an order form

  • - Tell us 3 words to be translated.
  • - Choose 3 Japanese Katakana fonts from the list of 50 styles.
  • - Tell us description and requests for words.

2 Proceed to our Secure Online Payment System

  • - Proceed to the payment at Paypal. We will accept the following credit cards
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Payment Method


In case you are dissatisfied with your Japanese translation, please return it within 7 days for prompt

money-back,100% refund, or "we will re-create your japanese symbols for you free of charge."

Within 24 hours confirmed payment and
7-day,money-back,100% satisfaction guarantee!


testimonial1 for Japanese symbols translation
Hi Yori-san,
"In answering your questions, I chose you because I trusted that I would get the true symbol for the translation. At this time I have no suggestions for your customer service. My experience was great and I would refer you to a friend!"

testimonial2 for Japanese symbols translation
Dear Translation Team.....
"Such a beautiful typeface! Next time I need Japanese Kanji symbols, I will come to you, for sure. I did check to see about the horizontal symbols and the meanings and pronunciations of my new words; everything is as it should be. You're workmanship is wonderful!"
testimonial3 for Japanese symbols translation
"I got the symbols fine and had my tattoo done on Friday evening.I checked the symbols with a Japanese gal at my work and she confirmed that they said what I wanted them to say.Haha, Anyway, they turned out beautiful"

Thanks a lot!
testimonial4 for Japanese symbols translation
Hey Yori,
"Yes, I did receive the email. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I love how they came out and I am excited to get tatooed on me. I should have another set of Japanese symbols coming also."

testimonial5 for Japanese symbols translation
"I am writing to inform you that I have received you're translations and they are exactly what I was looking for. If I ever need anything else I now know where to go, and if anyone asks me I'll tell them about you guys. thanks for everything."



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"Within 24 hours confirmed payment and 7-day, money-back,100% guarantee!"

Please remomber- you will receive 100% accurate Japanese Kanji symbols. So, you can avoid using WRONG Japanese kanji symbols! If you are not happy with the Japanese symbols we create,
we can re-create it.

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